Whatsapp web login | Run two whatsapp with same number

Whatsapp web login

Friends, today we are going to talk about whatsapp web login.

'Whatsapp web' is a feature of whatsapp. Using which we can run two whatsapp from one number. whatsapp web is not an app. It is used by browsing. Through the Whatsapp web, we can use two whatsapp on the same number.

Like, you have two mobiles. But it is not possible to run the whatsapp app from the same number on both. That is why we have to use whatsapp web.

Whasapp web login (Run whatsapp with same number)

To run two whatsapps from the same number in mobile, we have to use whatsap web. Whose process, I will try to explain step by step.

  • Both of your mobiles, use the mobile in which you want to run the same whatsapp.
  • First of all, open your mobile.
  • Now open the chrom browser in your mobile. If you do not have a chrom browser then install it from playstore.
  • Now open the official website of the official web of whatsapp web. The link of which is given in the below button.

  • As soon as you open the new tab of your browser from this link, you will be asked to download the whatsapp app.
  • But we do not have to download the whatsapp app.
  • Click on the three dot button on the right side in the chrom browser.

  • Scroll down and see the option of desctop site. Click on it. Now a page will open in front of you. In which QR code will be given.

Whatsapp web login
Whatsapp web login
Whatsapp web login
Whatsapp web login

Open your second mobile

  • The mobile which has main whatsapp through the app. Open whatsapp in it
  • Click on the three dot given in the right side of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp web login
Whatsapp web login

  • There you will see whatspap web option. Click on it
  • A tab to scan something will open.
  • We had previously opened the QR code through the chrom browser in the mobile which has to run another whatsapp.

Whatsapp web login
Whatsapp web login

  • Simply scan the QR code from this mobile. The same whatsapp will be open in the chrom browser immediately.

Whatsapp web login in your PC (Run whatsapp in laptop)

Like we have processed in mobile, we have to do the same process in laptop or computer.

  • To run whatsapp in computer, open your favorite browser in laptop.
  • Now open the official website of whatsapp web.

  • Now QR code will open in new tab.
  • Go to whatsapp web option of mobile and scan that QR code.
  • Whatsapp will open in pc as soon as the QR code is scanned.

Whatsapp web benefits

Through WhatsApp web, we can run the same whatsapp in both mobiles. We can know from whatsapp web what your children are doing throw of whatsapp. If one of the two mobiles forgets the mobile office or at home, then the same whatsapp can run.

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